Saath Cooperative

The Saath Co-operative’s main aim is to offer the urban as well as the rural poor a way of accessing credit that is linked to them having to demonstrate a willingness to save in order to qualify for it. We strive daily to promote equal participation of people, irrespective of their religious, economic and social background as well their gender. We provide loans at an affordable rate of interest and try and reach out to areas where no banking facilities are available due to various reasons. Through Saath Co-operative we improve the standard of living of the people from the socially marginalized communities and for people living in varying degrees of poverty.


To build a sustainable community-based institution to provide financial services to the socially marginalized and economically deprived sections of society, in order to eventually reduce poverty and bring prosperity.


Our Micro Finance model is membership and savings driven and identifies this as its foundation. Upon becoming a member of the Co-operative a potential client has to pay a nominal fee and has to became a share holder of the co-operative by purchasing two shares. Compulsory saving is mandatory for every client throughout the time of their membership. To ensure regular savings our field officers do regular follow ups with all the members of the co-operative.

After regular saving for six months, the member becomes eligible for a loan in the first cycle with a Joint liability group (JLG). The group is formed by 4 to 6 members from the same area who are acquainted with each other. They should be able to take re­sponsibilty for all members of the group. A loan to a groups ensures the repayment of the loans on time. This approach has proved to be successful and resulted in a default rate of less than 2%. Furthermore the Saath Co-operative experiments with different research techniques. We are keen on evolving our approach to evaluation of our micro-finance services. We have a strong emphasis on participatory techniques as we have found that this is hugely empowering for clients to reflect on their habits and patterns and notice the difference that micro-finance can make to their lives.

Chief Executive Officer

Divyang Bhatnagar: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.