Past Programs

Samvad Community Video Unit (on hold)

Samvad CVU is a platform for media advocacy, with an average reach of 100 slum dwellers per screening. Eight video magazines were created and screened at various places, including International Films festivals. This programme is currently on hold.

Slum Networking Project (closed)

Under the slum networking project (a public-private partnership with the AMC) Saath has provided basicservices and infra-structure to 3,095 housholds in 8 slums in ahmedabad. Saath has provided infra-structurefacilities (like electricity and waterconnections) to several slum areas. The programme was closed in 2006.

Support My School Campaign

In April 2011, SAATH was chosen for a six month program by CAF India to participate in Coca Cola and NDTV Support My School Campaign. Saath undertook 9 schools in urban Ahmedabad and rural Gujarat to take care of infrastructural development. This helped 4000+ students.

Slum Electrification Project (closed)

The Community Based Organization at Juhapura, Sankalp Mitra Mandal, took the initiative of collaborating with Ahmedabad Electricity Company (now Torrent Power Ltd) for provision of metered electricity connections to the residents of that area. Between June 2003 and June 2004, 1400 meter connections were provided in Juhapura and the total amount collected from residents for the same was Rs. 72, 80,000 (seventy-two lakhs and eighty thousand). The meters were provided at a highly subsidized rates. The difference of cost was paid for by USAID.

Azaad Youth Groups (closed)

FAzaad Youth Groups have mobilized 120 young leaders from slum areas. These groups were running in Sankalitnagar, Juhapura and were an attempt to work with youth outside the space of livelihoods. The program concentrated on the overall development of youth and gave them a platform to discuss issues pertaining to them. The program has a mix of workshops, exposure visits, film screenings, etc. Due to lack of strong willed leadership, the program is on hold currently.

TB-dots (closed)

Saath started to work in the area of providing TB- Dots when it was unaffordable to get them from private doctors. Saath aided the state government to facilitate the course of TB-Dots. In 2011 they were available with private doctors too at highly subsidized rates. Although, the URCs still help patients with TB in their areas by providing the right information and referring them to the right doctors. 

Rural Resource Centers (on hold)

Just like their urban counterparts, the Rural Resource Centers was a platform for the rural habitants to gather information. Saath used to run to RRCs in Maliya and Miyana villages in Gujarat. The RRCs catered to the need of bridging the information gap between service providers and the clients. The RRCs also facilitated livelihood groups in these villages. The program is currently on hold due to lack of funds. 

To know more about any of these programs or if you have any other questions regarding Saath’s history, you can get in touch with Ms. Chinmayi Desai on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.